Ultrapure and Safe Pumps
for Bulk Chemical Delivery

Managing process integrity starts with the liquids that come in direct contact with the wafer. With ever-increasing miniaturization, the requirements for the purity of bulk chemicals as well as their supply systems are dramatic. Compared to pumps, pressurized vessels bear a water hammer risk that can cause particle release from filters and safety concerns. Among all pump systems for semiconductor manufacturing, Levitronix® pumps have become the industry standard for ultrapure wet applications as the absence of a mechanical bearing leads to virtually no particle generation.

Levitronix® pump systems are designed for demanding bulk chemical delivery applications where ultrapure and safe processing will ensure the highest yield.

The Purest Pump

Ultra low particle generation

Levitronix® pump systems are based on active magnetic levitation. There is no mechanical coupling between the impeller and the pump head casing, which leads to wear-free operation and, therefore, virtually no particle generation.

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zoom particle-size-distribution-measured-downstream-of-the-pumps-at-5gpm-and-40-psig
Particle size distribution measured downstream of the pumps at 5gpm and 40 psig

Safest Processing

No water hammer

In comparison to pumps, pressurized vessels are installed in a dead-headed system, which bears the risk of a water hammer. A water hammer can cause particle release from filters and safety concerns due to large hydraulic shocks. Levitronix® pumps allow for installation in a recirculation loop, which improves filter performance and maximizes safety.

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Increased Purification

Multiple filter cycles

Installation of a Levitronix® pump in a recirculation system allows for multiple cycles through the filter and, therefore, increased purification. In comparison, in single filtration steps, as in pressurized vessel systems, a large part of contamination remains in the liquid.

zoom particle-concentration-after-multiple-filtrations-in-a-levitronix-recirculation-setup
Particle Concentration After Multiple Filtrations In A Levitronix® Recirculation Setup

Microelectronics Pumps

Ultrapure Bearingless Pump Systems

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Microelectronics Flow Controllers

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