Low Shear Single-Use
Pump Systems for

PuraLev® Single-Use pump systems are designed for demanding fluid applications in bioprocessing where extremely low shear, pulsation-free, and continuously controlled flow ensure the highest product yield. Based on the principle of magnetic levitation, the pump impeller is suspended, contact-free, inside a sealed casing and is driven by the magnetic field of the motor resulting in a continuous smooth flow.

PuraLev® pump systems offer distinctive advantages to the bioprocessing industry that will improve your product yield.
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Low Shear Design

Proven by Industry

The magnetic levitation of the pump impeller enables a contact-free operation and a low shear design for gentle pumping of sensitive liquids like cells, proteins, and LNP’s.

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zoom time-dependent-viability-of-a CHO-cell-suspension-pumped-with-3.4Lmin-without-back-pressure - Levitronix in comparions to peristaltic pumps
Levitronix in comparison to two peristaltic pumps: time dependent viability of a CHO cell suspension pumped with 3.4 lpm without back pressure

The Purest Pump

Maintain your liquid purity

Because of the low shear factor plus no wear or mechanical contact between moving parts, particle generation is eliminated, maintaining the purity of your liquid.

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zoom cumulative-particle-size-distributions-at-16-lpm-and-2.5-bar
Cumulative particle size distributions at 16 lpm and 2.5 bar

Intrinsically Safe

No more tube ruptures

Set and limit the maximum pressure according to your tubing specifications, and you rest assured your media is safe no matter what occurs in your hydraulic flow path.

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Pressure Build-Up In Peristaltic Pumps

FDA, USP-VI and BSE/TSE free and Gamma Robust

All wet materials are fabricated from biocompatible (FDA, USP-VI, and BSE/TSE free) gamma stable (up to 40 kGy) polypropylene (PP).

Biocompatible Wet Material

Accurate, stable, and reliable flow for your process

The open pump head design, high flow resolution, centrifugal pump principle, and the absence of valves lead to a completely pulsation-free flow.

Pulsation Free Flow

No tubes to wear out or diaphragms to break

The magnetic levitation principle guarantees that no components come in contact with one another which allows for robust and safe processing over a very long time.

Ideal for Continuous Processing

Extremely high reliability
There are no bearings to wear out or seals to breakdown, therefore equipment uptime increases, extending the life of your process equipment and reducing maintenance costs.

Highest MTBF (>100 years)

Significantly smaller footprint than positive displacement pumps
All PuraLev® pumps have a much smaller footprint than competitive pumps of comparable hydraulic performance. The magnetic bearing also eliminates any noise generation from your process.

Small Footprint, Low Noise Generation

From a few mlpm up to max flow
PuraLev® pumps have the highest turn down ratio by being able to accurately control and maintain the flow from a few mlpm up to the maximum flow rate.

Highest Turndown Ratio

Create a feedback loop
Integrate a flow or pressure sensor into your pump system and create a feedback loop which will allow you to automatically maintain your desired process conditions.

Integrated Flow or Pressure Controller

No particle agglomeration
PuraLev® pumps have the unique capability to deliver solid-liquid mixtures without particle agglomeration or pump wear out.

Capable of Slurry [Solid/Liquid] Processing

Flow Pressure Curves
Flow Pressure Curves
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