Reduced Slurry
in CMP


Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) must continuously improve to meet the stringent requirements of next generation IC device manufacturing. The consistency of the slurry is essential to achieve high process repeatability and uniformity. Compared to Levitronix® pumps, pneumatic pumps can cause shear stress due to check valves and other components. Shear stress in pumps can cause slurry agglomeration. Agglomerated slurry particles can lead to micro scratches, which cause wafer defectivity in CMP. Furthermore, Slurry agglomerates result in quick filter clogging, leading to increased maintenance costs.

Levitronix® pump systems are designed for demanding CMP applications where reduced particle agglomeration ensures the highest yield.

Reduced Slurry Agglomeration

Low shear pump principle

The magnetic levitation technology guarantees that no pump components contact one another, enabling the gentle processing of delicate slurries. The smooth wetted plastic surfaces and the absence of a mechanical bearing, narrow gaps, fissures, and dead-zones ensure the highest standards of slurry health during its lifecycle.

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zoom effect-of-pumps-on-particles-≥-0.56-µm-linear-scales
Effect of pumps on particles ≥ 0.56 µm (linear scales)

Increased Filter Lifetime

Reduced clogging caused by slurry agglomerates

The lifetime of a CMP filter is directly linked with the concentration of large particles in the slurry. As the concentration of large particles of CMP slurry tends to increase in bellows and diaphragm pumps, the filter lifetime can be significantly prolonged with Levitronix® pumps.

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zoom increase-in-∆P-across-each-filter-for-all-3-pump-tests
Increase in ∆P across each filter for all 3 pump tests

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