Increased Uniformity
and Yield in
Metal Plating


With ever-increasing miniaturization, the semiconductor plating industry is providing advanced IC packages to develop next-generation chip designs. To keep pace with technological improvements, pump systems must keep process precious plating solutions controlled, uniform, and with no particle generation. Compared to Levitronix® pumps, magdrive centrifugal pumps contain mechanical slide bearings, which clog and fail due to the solution’s precipitation. Levitronix® pump systems are based on active magnetic levitation, which results in a significantly extended equipment uptime and a reliable, pulsation-free, and consistent flow. The absence of a mechanical bearing ensures virtually no particle generation.

Levitronix® pump systems are designed for demanding plating applications where consistent, uniform, and ultrapure processing will ensure the highest yield.

Extendend Lifetime

No bearing failure

By eliminating a mechanical bearing, no mechanical friction occurs that could cause local hotspots. No narrow gaps exist where metal could precipitate. The low-shear, dead-zone-free pump design, and the smooth, wetted plastic surfaces further help avoid metal deposition in the pump, resulting in an increased lifetime.

Left: Levitronix® pump after one year of operation with gold sulfite solution. Right: Magdrive pump after one month of operation with gold sulfite solution.

Smallest Footprint

Substantially smaller than magdrive pumps

The pump and motor’s highly integrated design combined with the absence of a mechanical bearing results in a system that greatly reduces the space requirements and allows for installation in confined spaces.

Size comparison between Levitronix® BPS-3 and a Mag-Drive Pump 1.5 Bar, 70 Lpm

The Purest Pump

Ultralow particle generation

Levitronix® pump systems are based on active magnetic levitation. There is no mechanical coupling between the impeller and the pump head casing, which leads to wear-free operation and, therefore, virtually no particle generation.

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zoom particle-size-distribution-measured-downstream-of-the-pumps-at-5gpm-and-40-psig
Particle size distribution measured downstream of the pumps at 5gpm and 40 psig

Highest Reliability

MTBF > 100 years

There are no bearings to wear out or seals to break down. As a result, equipment uptime increases massively, extending the life of the process equipment and reducing maintenance costs.


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