Levitronix® LFS-SU
Ultrasonic High-Precision
Flow Measurement

The LEVIFLOW® LFS-SU inline sensor is designed for non-invasive, high precision flow measurements in bioprocessing. Two piezoelectric transducers generate and receive ultrasonic waves. When flow is present, the with-stream wave is accelerated, and the against-stream wave is slowed down. The difference in transit time is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. All wet materials are fabricated from biocompatible (FDA, USP-VI, and BSE/TSE free) gamma robust polypropylene (PP). For accurate measurement down to the lowest flows, special calibrated versions are available.

LEVIFLOW® inline sensors LFS-SU offer distinctive advantages in bioprocessing applications that will improve your product yield.
thumbnail-lfs-su-video LEVIFLOW LFS-SU

High accuracy over wide flow range
1% accuracy of reading from a few mlpm to 80 lpm

High Precision Flow Measurement

Accurate measurement up to 5 bar
The sensor is made of PP and therefore ideal for high-pressure applications such as TFF or Chromatography.

Pressure Robust

Low shear and no particle generation
The measurement method is completely non-invasive and therefore ideal for delicate fluids.

Non-Invasive Measurement

Suitable for high volume applications
For high-volume applications, multi-channel converters are available, which can process up to 6 sensors with one single converter. The sensor signals are available over an RS485 two-wire bus or a PLC interface, thereby reducing cabling, footprint, and cost.

6-Channel Converter for Multiple Sensors

Special calibrated sensors SC1
Special calibration versions offer additional calibration points at low flow values to allow accurate flow measurement over a broader range.

Very Wide Flow Range

FDA, USP-VI and BSE/TSE free and Gamma Robust
All wet materials are fabricated from biocompatible (FDA, USP-VI and BSE/TSE free) gamma stable (up to 40 kGy) polypropylene (PP).

Biocompatible Wet Material

Smart digital signal processing
The flow converter uses a digital signal processor (DSP) to provide accurate flow measurement even when bubbles are present.

Improved Robustness against Bubbles

Smart sensor
Various parameters such as full scale, total volume, bubble detection, or high flow alarm are provided and can be configured with the Levitronix® Service Software.

Configurable Flow Sensor Parameters

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