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Sound is all around us. It is a mechanical vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave, through gas, liquid or solid. Sounds with a frequency of 20 kHz and higher are referred to as ultrasonic sound. Not audible to the human ear, ultrasonic sound is used in many different fields. In the animal world, ultrasonic sound is used for navigation and communication. In medicine, ultrasonic sound is used to view inside the body. And across many industries, flows are measured with ultrasonic sound using the principle of transit time. Imagine two boats on a river, one travelling in the flow direction and the other against it. The difference in transit time is directly proportional to the flow. The higher the flow, the greater the difference in transit time. This is how ultrasonic flow sensors work. Two ultrasonic waves, generated by piezoelectric transducers, alternatively travel the same distance, one moving in the flow direction and the other against it. The difference in transit time of both waves is directly proportional to the average flow. This principle is applicable in inline sensor configuration… or in diagonal sensor configuration allowing for non-invasive clamp on flow measurement and thereby not interrupting ongoing processes.

Levitronix® LEVIFLOW® are state-of-the-art ultrasonic flow sensors with unmatched technological features. Smart sensor arrangements allow for high-accuracy measurement over the complete flow area and improve resistance against bubbles. High-performance electronics enable several thousand measurements per second and excellent noise immunity. And a plethora of additional features further underlines the accuracy and robustness of Levitronix® LEVIFLOW® ultrasonic flow sensors.

With a broad product line ranging from…
…inline flow sensors in various shapes and wet materials…
…to conventional single-path clamp-on flow sensors…
…to ultra-high accuracy multi-path clamp-on flow sensors…
Levitronix® has become the preferred source for ultrasonic flow sensors in demanding high-tech industries.

Levitronix® – Better Sensors for Better Yield!

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