Levitronix® LEVIBOOST™
Turnkey Pressure Boosting
and Control


The Levitronix® LEVIBOOST™ is designed to deliver sufficient and constant pressure. Comprised of an ultrapure bearingless pump and a pressure transducer, the LEVIBOOST™ not only increases pressure but also compensates for fluctuations by actively monitoring and controlling the pressure output. This guarantees the point-of-use is always at the right pressure. Designed as a turnkey solution for subfloor installation, the LEVIBOOST™ requires minimal footprint and infrastructure modifications.

Levitronix®LEVIBOOST™ offers distinctive advantages in microelectronic wet applications that will improve your product yield.

Independent from variations in water consumption and supply
A pressure transducer monitors the current tool incoming pressure and transmits the actual value to the pump controller. This allows for compensation of supply pressure fluctuations and pressure variations caused by water consumption from individual tools.

Active Compensation of Pressure Fluctuations

Up to 115 lpm at 2.5 bar
With its high performance, the LEVIBOOST™ can generate a maximum pressure of more than 4 bar and a maximum flow rate of 140 lpm.

High Performance

The purest pump
Since there is no mechanical coupling between the impeller and the pump head casing, there is no wear and therefore virtually no particle generation.

No Particle Generation

Minimal footprint and modification required
The ultra-compact design allows for easy subfloor installation with minimal modification required.

Easy Installation

Flow Pressure Curves
Flow Pressure Curves
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