Levitronix® DuraLev®
Bearingless Pumps
for Chemical Processing

The Levitronix® DuraLev® pumps are designed for highly reliable processing of delicate chemistries. Based on active magnetic levitation, the pump impeller is suspended and driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The wide gap ensures that there is no mechanical contact between moving parts and therefore no wear. There are no bearings to wear out or seals to break down. The impeller and casing are both made from chemical-resistant high-performance plastic. Fluid flow rate and pressure are precisely controlled by electronically regulating the impeller speed.

Levitronix® DuraLev® pumps offer distinctive advantages in chemical process applications that will improve your product yield.

Extremely high reliability
There are no bearings to wear out or seals to break down, therefore equipment uptime increases massively, which extends the life of the process equipment and reduces maintenance costs.

Highest MTBF (>100 Years)

Accurate, stable and reliable flow and pressure for your process
The open pump head design, high flow resolution, centrifugal pump principle and the absence of valves lead to a completely pulsation-free flow.

Pulsation Free Flow

Substantially smaller than conventional chemical process pumps
The highly integrated design of the pump and motor combined with the absence of a mechanical bearing results in a system that greatly reduces the space requirements and allows for installation in confined spaces.

Small Footprint

Ideal for plating liquids
The smooth wetted plastic surfaces and the absence of a mechanical bearing, narrow gaps, fissures and dead-zones allow for gentle processing of sensitive liquids.

Low Shear Design

No more flow throttling – Highly accurate flow and pressure 
Due to it’s variable speed and high resolution, the Levitronix® pump allows precise control of flow or pressure over a wide operating range.

High Controllability and Wide Flow Range

Widest flow range – From ultra low flow to maximum flow
The high speed and resolution of a Levitronix® pump allows to control and maintain the flow from a few ml/min up to the maximum flow rate.

Highest Turndown Ratio

Create a feedback loop
Integrate a flow or pressure sensor into your pump system and create a feedback loop which will allow you to automatically maintain your desired process conditions.

Integrated Flow Controller

More than 25 years experience
Levitronix® pumps are firmly established in highly demanding industries such as semiconductor manufacturing or biopharmaceutical production.

Long History

No bearing, no wear
Since there is no mechanical coupling between the impeller and the pump head casing, there is no wear and therefore virtually no particle generation.

Very Low Particle Shedding

Quiet processing
Since there is no mechanical coupling of the impeller and the pump casing, the pump produces virtually no vibrations resulting in a very quiet operating pump system.

Low Noise and Low Vibration

Flow Pressure Curves
Flow Pressure Curves
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