PTM-2000 Simultaneous Mixing and Pumping in Microelectronic Wet Applications

Max flow 120 lpm / 32 gpm
Max diff. pressure 4.1 bar / 59.5 psi
Max liquid Temp 90° C / 194° F
Wet material PFA, PTFE
Tank size 400 l / 106 gal

The Levitronix® pump tank mixer PTM-2000 is designed for demanding microelectronic wet applications. It combines mixing and pumping in one single unit. Based on active magnetic levitation, the impeller is suspended and driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The wide gap ensures that there is no mechanical contact between moving parts and therefore no wear. There are no bearings to wear out or seals to break down.
The PTM head comes with an impeller, casing bottom, and a flange that mounts to the tank. Levitronix® provides design specifications of the casing lid to allow seamless integration of your tank with the PTM. All materials are fabricated from chemical-resistant, high-purity fluoropolymer resins.

Flow Pressure Curve
Flow Pressure Curve
System Benefits

One single device
The PTM increases efficiency by combining mixing and pumping in one single device.

Mixer and Pump in One

Ideal for slurry and other delicate liquids
The absence of mechanical bearings, narrow gaps, fissures, and dead zones combined with the smooth wetted plastic surfaces allow for the gentle processing of sensitive liquids.

Low Shear Design

Proven by industry experience – The purest pump mixer
Since there is no mechanical coupling between the impeller and the pump head casing, there is no wear and therefore virtually no particle generation.

Ultrapure Processing

Decrease your mixing time
Dynamic electronic control enables custom speed patterns that help to decrease the mixing time.

Electronic Speed Control

Accurate, stable, and reliable flow and pressure for your process
The open pump head design, high flow resolution, centrifugal pump principle, and the absence of valves lead to a pulsation-free flow.

Pulsation Free Flow

No more flow throttling – Highly accurate flow and pressure
The PTM allows for precise control of flow or pressure over a wide operating range due to its variable speed and high resolution.

High Controllability and Wide Flow Range

Extremely high reliability
There are no bearings to wear out or seals to break down, increasing equipment uptime, extending the life of your process equipment, and reducing maintenance costs.

Highest MTBF (>100 Years)

Substantially smaller than air operated pumps
The highly integrated design of the pump and motor combined with the absence of a mechanical bearing greatly reduce the footprint and allow for installation in confined spaces.

Small Footprint

Smart mixer for smart manufacturing
 The PTM allows for high-performance data acquisition that is ideal for predictive maintenance and factory wide system integration.

Constant Data Acquisition and Condition Monitoring

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