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Thomas Herrmann, StemVac GmbH: Trojan Horses Fighting Cancer – The Next Level in Oncolytic Virus Therapy

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Oncolytic virotherapy has been recognized as a promising new therapy for cancer for decades but only few viruses have been approved worldwide. The therapeutic potential of oncolytic viruses can be severely restricted by innate and adaptive immune barriers making oncolytic virus clinically inefficient.

To overcome this obstacle, we utilized human adipose-derived stem cells (AD-MSC) loaded with tumor selective CAL1 oncolytic vaccinia virus to generate a new therapeutic agent called SNV1 (SuperNova-1). SNV1 cell-based platform protects and potentiates oncolytic vaccinia virus by circumventing humoral innate and adaptive immune barriers, resulting in enhanced oncolytic virotherapy.

Author Thomas Herrmann
Company StemVac GmbH