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Trace Metal Dynamic Extraction from Three Centrifugal Pumps in Hydrochloric Acid

  • Microelectronics
  • Pump Comparison
  • Magnetic Drive Pumps
  • Trace Metal Contamination

Exposure of the pump’s wet surface to acid chemicals can result in leach out of trace metals. Trace metal contamination can cause alteration of electrical properties in semiconductor devices.
In comparison to MagDrive pumps, the wetted parts in a Levitronix® pump are never produced using centrifugal casting methods. Centrifugal casting can lead to trace metal contamination in the wet part, which is subsequently released into the liquid.

Test conditions
35 % HCl was used as extractant. Continuous flow of the chemical was maintained through the pumps during each test. A background sample was taken prior to each test and further samples were taken at approximately even spaced time intervals on a logarithmic scale. The results of the analyses were converted to cumulative mass extracted.

The surface contamination from the MagDrive pumps compared to Levitronix® was up to 1000 times higher.


Trace metal extraction of a Levitronix® Pump compared to two magnetic drive pumps

Author Marc Litchy
Company CT Associates
Document Number LTX 1265 2523
Pages 11