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Pump Performance Design and Performance Considerations for AAV and LVV Manufacturing Operations

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Pump selection represents a crucial factor in the manufacturing of advanced therapeutic modalities, including CAR-T cell therapies, gene therapies, autologous cell-based immunotherapies, and regenerative medicine applications. Consequently, data- driven design considerations must be undertaken when evaluating the current landscape of available pump technologies. This study conducted a comprehensive process stream analysis across three distinct pumping technologies, assessing their impact of varying velocities and pressures within individual process streams containing adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentiviral vectors (LVV). Each process stream was evaluated for its influence on viral vectors, transfection efficiency, and HEK-293 cell viability. The pumps analyzed included the Levitronix® PuraLev® single-use magnetic pump, a quaternary diaphragm pump, and a peristaltic pump. The testing and final analysis was based on the individual impact of each pump on typical upstream manufacturing processes, providing insights into the optimal pump selection for these advanced therapeutic applications.

Author Mark McElligott
Company bioX