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Optimizing Cell Retention and Oxygenation for a High-Performance Perfusion Bioreactor Platform

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Manufacturers are implementing perfusion in upstream bioprocessing as a method to achieve higher cell densities and improve efficiency. This approach requires scalable technologies that deliver robust performance while maintaining cell health and productivity.  Two common challenges include optimization of cell retention device performance, and achieving scalable power input to meet increased oxygenation demands. In this talk, we will address each of these challenges by highlighting recent advancements designed to optimize performance. In cell retention, we will introduce the Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution as an easy to use and scalable filter platform from bench to production. Fit for cell culture, it enhances filtration performance while offering complete process control including the Levitronix® low-shear single-use pumps and flowmeters. We will explain criteria for selection of the recirculation pumps from lab- to process-scale and provide experimental data to improve understanding of cell shear effects in a perfusion bioreactor. Then, we will highlight the Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor Platform to enable intensified biomanufacturing processes and accommodate a wide range of performance needs. We will describe the selection of motor and impeller designs that allow for up to 100 W/m3 across scales with optimized sparger designs for flexible improved oxygenation capabilities.

Author Allyson Caron
Company MilliporeSigma