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Derek Ettie, GEA Westfalia Separator: The Unique Development and Application of a Single Use Disc Stack Centrifuge in Harvesting Biological Solids

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GEA will be presenting on the new Kytero® single use disc stack centrifuge for harvesting mammalian and ecoli cells.

Initially GEA started the design based on the typical concept: stainless steel bowl, driven from the bottom by use of a spindle. We designed a single use bowl including a single use disc stack contained and supported by mechanical seals for a closed system. However, the mechanicals seals proved not to be robust/reliable and did not provide user friendly operation. Thus, GEA was looking for a new concept without a mechanical seal. GEA approached Levitronix® with our problem and due to their excellent technological knowledge, they were able to help us design a 100% bio-contained system without the use a mechanical seals. Working closely with the Levitronix® team in Switzerland, GEA tested new design concepts and created a prototype design which has since been successfully tested widely in the USA and Europe. Based on the success these tests the kytero® 500 separator model was launched in Sep 2021. As a follow-on to the kytero® 500, the larger model version – the kytero® 2000 – which was already officially presented on BPI West in San Diego in March 2022 will be launched this year.

GEA very much appreciated the very fast and very professional working relationship with the Levitronix® team in the US, during this critical and successful product development effort.

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