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Better, Faster, Cheaper: Technology Innovation to Overcome Gene Therapy Manufacturing Challenges

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In an era of extraordinary medical advancements driven by the development of paradigm shifting gene therapies, technology innovation is instrumental to address the specific challenges of manufacturing these novel therapies at the required scale and cost.

This presentation will describe the development of targeted upstream technology solution focusing on KrosFlo® TFDF® (tangential flow depth filtration) cell retention technology-based perfusion applications to enhance yield and productivity while keeping the process simple, thus ensuring a cost-effective and scalable process. TFDF-based perfusion culture enabled a 3X higher cell density before transfection compared to batch control. Further, continuous perfusion post-transfection led to ~10X AAV8, ~3X AAV9, and ~80X LV total virus production respectively. These results provide novel insights for developing integrated and continuous viral vector production to meet the global demand and realize the full potential of gene therapy. Present innovations are essential to make gene therapies more affordable and accessible, ultimately benefitting patients worldwide.

Author Keen Chung
Company Repligen