LFSC-30D.1 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Measurement for Microelectronic Wet Applications (PFA Tubing)

Flow Range 0-160 l/min
Accuracy ±1% of reading
Tube size (OD) 1 ¼"
Fluid temp 10-90°C / 50-194°F

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The LEVIFLOW® LFSC-30D.1 is designed for non-invasive flow measurements of high purity fluids with PFA tubing. Two piezoelectric transducers generate and receive ultrasonic waves. When flow is present, the with-stream wave is accelerated, and the against-stream wave is slowed down. The difference in transit time is proportional to the velocity of the fluid.

System Benefits

No particle generation
The sensor is completely non-invasive and therefore ideal for ultrapure fluids.

Ideal for Ultrapure Fluids

Clamp-on, clamp-off
The sensor is completely non-invasive and can be installed in few seconds.

Completely Non-Invasive

±1% accuracy of reading for flows > 25% of FS
±400 ml/min for flows < 25% of FS

High Precision Flow Measurement

Up to 120° C / 248° F
The sensor is completely non-invasive and therefore ideal for hot liquids.

Ideal for Hot Liquids

Suitable for high volume applications
For high volume applications, multi-channel converters are available, which can process up to 6 sensors with one single converter. The sensor signals are available over an RS485 two-wire bus or a PLC interface, thereby reducing cabling, footprint, and cost.

6-Channel Converter for Multiple Sensors

Smart digital signal processing
The flow converter uses a digital signal processor (DSP) to provide accurate flow measurement even when bubbles are present.

Improved Robustness against Bubbles

Highly dynamic flow control
The LFSC-D clamp-on flow sensor can be connected to a Levitronix® BPS pump system to provide a precise flow control.

Connection to Levitronix® Pump

Smart sensor
Various parameters such as full scale, total volume, bubble detection, or high flow alarm are provided and can be configured with the Levitronix® Service Software.

Configurable Flow Sensor Parameters

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