LCO-600 Intuitive Control of Pumps, Flow Sensors and Other Components

Controls for PuraLev® 200SU/MU, 600SU/MU
Flow Sensor Interfaces 2x LFS-SU/LFSC-D
Pressure Sensor Interfaces 3x PendoTECH® PREPS
Temperature Sensor Interfaces 1x PendoTECH® TEMPS

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The Levitronix® console LCO-600 is designed for turnkey process control and automatization with Levitronix® pumps, flow sensors, and third-party components. It offers various operation modes such as stand-alone pumping, flow control, dosing, and pressure control with up to 3 sensors. The embedded PC with a 7″ touch screen allows for intuitive and simultaneous control, monitoring, and configuration of multiple components. The console can be placed horizontally or mounted vertically.



System Benefits

Connect multiple flow sensors
The console has two interfaces for LEVIFLOW® single-use and clamp-on series flow sensors.

Easy Flow Control and Monitoring

Bigger is better
The large display enables control and monitoring of multiple components for an increased productivity.

7" Touch Screen Display

Connect up to three pressure and one temperature sensor
The console offers one temperature and three pressure sensor interfaces for PendoTECH® single-use sensors.

Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

Plug and play control
Just connect your pump and sensors to the console and start your desired process. No complicated installation, setup or cabling required.

Turnkey Solution

Automize your process
The console offers a set of predefined functions such as TFF, dosing, transfer, depth filtration, as well as individual custom recipes.

Recipe Control

Configurable user rights
The user account feature allows various restricted access permissions and password protection capabilities.

Up to Six User Accounts

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