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PuraLev® Low Shear Multi-Use Pump Systems for Bioprocessing

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Levitronix® PuraLev® multi-use pumps are designed for demanding applications in bioprocessing. Based on active magnetic levitation, the pump impeller is suspended and driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The wide gap ensures that no cells or proteins are damaged, making PuraLev® the most gentle pump. The absence of a mechanical bearing and the hygienic design, ensure highest purity and eliminate virtually all risk of pump leakage. The high turndown ratio enables a very wide flow range all pulsation-free and at a significantly smaller footprint than conventional pump systems. The reusable pump head is can be cleaned using steam-in-place, clean-in-place, or autoclaving and is available in stainless steel or high-performance plastic, both with or without drainport.

From media preparation to purification, from lab to production scale, PuraLev® pumps will help improve your yield!

Better pumps for better yield!

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