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LFSC-D PFA Tubing Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Measurement for Microelectronic Wet Applications

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LEVIFLOW® clamp on flow sensors LFSC-D are designed for precise, non-invasive flow measurement in microelectronic wet applications. Two piezoelectric transducers generate and receive ultrasonic waves. When flow is present, the with-stream wave is accelerated, and the against-stream wave is slowed down. The difference in transit time is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The sensor is completely non-invasive which allows for easy reclamping and measurement of high temperature liquids.
The LEVIFLOW® clamp on sensors are compatible with either a single-channel converter, a multi-channel converter for up to 6 sensor connections or the Levitronix® console unit for a full turnkey solution.
From low to high flow rates, handling ultrapure water through to aggressive chemistries, LEVIFLOW® clamp on sensors will help improve your yield.

Levitronix® – better sensors for better yield!

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