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BFS Chemically Resistant MagLev Fan System for Microelectronic Wet Applications

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Levitronix® bearingless fans are designed for demanding applications in microelectronics manufacturing. Based on active magnetic levitation, the fan impeller is suspended and driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The wide gap ensures that there is no wear and therefore virtually no particle generation, making it the purest fan. As the impeller and stator are completely encapsulated, the fan is extremely resistant against aggressive media and is rated for use in explosive atmospheres. Additionally, without a mechanical bearing, the risk of a fan failure is substantially reduced. All of this leads to an extremely long lifetime. With a pressure or flow sensor connected, the fan can be operated to ensure a constant flow with the very high precision throughout the whole speed range. All within a small footprint with very high power.
From gas supply to exhaust control, Levitronix® bearingless fans will help improve your yield!

Levitronix® – Better fans for better yield!

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