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BPS Ultrapure Pump Systems for Microelectronics Wet Applications

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Levitronix® bearingless pump systems are designed for ultrapure processing of delicate fluids. Based on active magnetic levitation, the pump impeller is suspended and driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The wide gap ensures that there is no mechanical contact between moving parts, making Levitronix® the purest pump system. There are no seals or bearings to wear out, therefore equipment uptime increases substantially. Additionally, with the liquid hermetically encapsulated in high-performance plastic resins, the pump is extremely resistant against the harshest chemicals. The BPS is also ideally suited for slurries as the wide gap ensures virtually no particle agglomeration.
With its variable speed and high resolution, the BPS series allow for a high controllability over a very wide flow range and all pulsation-free. With constant development over three generations of pump systems, the Levitronix® BPS has not only become known for its smart pump features and very small footprint but also as a benchmark for the highest reliability.
From smallest dosing applications to bulk chemical delivery, Levitronix® BPS will help improve your yield!

Levitronix®, better pumps for better yield!

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