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BFS – Exhaust Pressure Boosting and Control

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In semiconductor process chambers, electronic specialty gases are delivered in precise qualities to produce critical features on wafers. However, on the exhaust side, these gases frequently aren’t purched accurately enough to meet the stringent position and repeatability requirements. Limited suction from this central exhaust line or tool expansion can lead to insufficient and fluctuating suction at the point of views, thereby jeopardizing process efficiency and potentially reducing yield. This is where the Levitronix® maglev fan comes in. Based on active magnetic levitation, the fan rotor is completely free floating, allowing for very high speeds and power output. Additionally, the rotor and stator are completely encapsulated in high performance plastics, making the fan highly resistant against aggressive gases. Placed on the exhaust line, the Levitronix® fan allows for powerful boosting and thereby increases suction inside the chamber. Moreover, when connected to a pressure sensor, the integrated fan controller actively compensates for process fluctuations such as due to chamber cross talking. This ensures sufficient and constant suction at the point of views and thereby improves repeatability.

Levitronix® – Better Fans for Better Yield

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