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Bengt Persson, Sartorius Stedim: Concentration of E.Coli whole cells with a hollow fibre single use FlowAssembly

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A 10 L fermentation batch of E.Coli whole cells were concentrated 3.5 X and diafiltrated with a 0.1 N PBS buffer. For concentration of the E.Coli whole cells, in Investigator24 Green, 750 K MWCO hollow fibre membrane module was used, incorporated into a Single Use FlowAssembly with a PuraLev® 600SU pump, a LEVIFLOW® LFS-03SU flowmeter, feed, retentate and permeate pressure sensors and silicone tubing. The single use FlowAssembly was controlled by a Console LCO-600 unit.

A 3.5 X concentration was achieved with 4 DV volumes and a cell yield of >90%.

Company Sartorius Stedim