Leviflow® LFS-008

LEVIFLOW® flowmeter series is designed for non invasive high precision flow measurements of high purity fluids. Figure 1 illustrates the operating principle. Two piezoelectric transducers, mounted at both ends of the measuring path of the fluid stream, generate and receive an ultrasonic wave. The wave going in direction of the flow (with-stream wave) is accelerated and the wave going against (against-stream wave) the flow direction is slowed down. The two waves are processed by a signal converter. The difference of the transmit time of both waves is proportional to the velocity of the fluid.

Levitronix provides now a sensor especially developed for low flow applications. The LFS-008 flowmeter is able to measure flows from 800 ml/min down to 1 ml/min.

The standard configuration of the LFS-008 flowmeter consists of a flow sensor and a converter with a digital signal processor (DSP) for processing the sensor signals. Various signals (analog output, digital input and digital output) are provided and can be configured with a PC software. A two wire RS485 bus allows arrays of multiple flowmeters. In addition, the sensor value is shown on a 4-digit display.

Standard and Multi Channel Configuration

Standard and Multi Channel Configuration

System Benefits

  • No contamination due to non-invasive measurement
  • High accuracy (1% of reading) and repeatability (≤ 0.5%)
  • No moving parts -> no particle generation
  • Improved bubble robustness due to DSP technology
  • High precision flow control together with Levitronix MagLevPumps
  • Easy configurable flow sensor parameters (PC software)

LEVIFLOW® Interfacing

  • MODBUS protocol, baud rate 57600
  • RS485 2 wire cabling
  • Address potentiometers for RS485 address setting
  • Up to 64 channels
  • 5 ms DSP process/time per channel
  • Optional: RS232 to RS485 Converter or USB to RS485 Converter