Don't let a pump damage your product

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) is a crucial step in biopharmaceutical manufacturing that requires the highest possible protein yield.

Conventional pump systems such as peristaltic or 4-piston diaphragm pumps cause protein degradation due to mechanically induced shear of valves and tube compression. Furthermore, such systems generate a pulsating flow, resulting in non-optimal filter performance and reduced flux.

Levitronix® pump systems are designed for demanding TFF applications where low shear as well as a pulsation free and continuously controlled flow ensure the highest protein yield.

Levitronix pump system ensure highest protein activity in TFF applications


LOWEST SHEAR - Highest Protein Yield

The magnetic levitation technology guarantees that no pump components come in contact with one another enabling a continuous and smooth flow. Additionally, the pump design ensures that no protein is trapped or damaged by valve interaction or tube compression, eliminating virtually all shear.

PULSATION FREE FLOW - Constant Transmembrane Pressure (TMP) - Optimal Flux at Minimal Gel Layer Formation

Levitronix® pump systems deliver a pulsation free flow, independent of actual flow or pressure. With optional pressure or flow sensors, the Levitronix® control unit will keep the pressure / TMP or flux constant, independent of fluid or filter properties.

HIGHEST TURN DOWN RATIO - High Concentrations Achievable with One Pump Size

Levitronix® pumps have the highest turn down ratio by being able to control and maintain the flow from a few ml/min up to the maximum flow rate.

INTRINSICALLY SAFE - Keep Your Product and Personnel Safe - No More Pressure Build-Up or tube ruptures

Set and limit the maximum pressure according to your tubing specifications and you will be assured that your media is safe no matter what occurs in your  hydraulic flow path.

LOWEST PARTICLE SHEDDING - The Cleanest Pump System – Beyond Biopharma

TFF processes are generally at the end of the down stream process and any particle addition risks the purity of the final product. Due to the low shear factor plus no wear or mechanical contact between moving parts such as membranes or tubings, particle generation is eliminated. Levitronix® is the cleanest pump system and meets the purity demand of not only biopharma processes but also industries with much higher purity requirements such as semiconductor production.


All Levitronix® pump systems have a much smaller footprint than competitive pumps of comparable hydraulic performance. The constant flow of these systems also eliminates any noise generation from your process.


Third Party Studies - Levitronix vs 4-piston diaphragm pump systems

Learn how protein activity remained at 100% with Levitronix compared to a complete loss with a 4-piston diaphragm pump.

Third Party Studies - Levitronix in comparison to 4-piston diaphragm and peristaltic pump systems

Learn how Levitronix pump systems are more than 100 times purer than 4-piston diaphragm pumps, and more than 1000 times purer than peristaltic pumps.

Application Brochure - Highest Protein Activity in TFF