PuraLev®  Life Science Pump Series

Aseptic and Low Shear-Force Design to Fit the Most Demanding Pharmaceutical-, Biotech- and Consumer Health Care Applications

PuraLev® 4000MU (Multi-Use)

Levitronix® has developed a revolutionary pump that has no bearings to wear out or seals to break. Based on the principles of magnetic levitation, the pump’s impeller is suspended, contactfree, inside a sealed casing and is driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The impeller and casing are both fabricated from biocompatible (FDA, USP-VI, ABSE/TSE free and Animal free) fluorocarbon resins.The pump casing top with the fittings is made of stainless steel. The pump casing is fabricated with hygienic fittings and has an aseptic seal design.

Flow rate or pressure is precisely controlled by electronically regulating the rotor speed, which eliminates any pulsation. With the lack of mechanical bearings plus the self-contained pump head design, the risk of contamination is drastically reduced. The absence of narrow gaps between the impeller and pump casing, plus the low-shear pump design allows the gentle pumping of sensitive liquids.

Flow/Pressure Curves PuraLev® 4000MU

Flow/Pressure Curves PuraLev® 4000MU

PuraLev® 4000MU Facts

Max. Differential Pressure: 4.6  bar 67 psi
Max. Flow: 200 liters/min 53 gallons/min
Wet Materials: PFA / PEEK / Stainless Steel
Sterilization Methods: CIP and SIP
Supply Voltage: 4 kW / 1 or 3 x 200-240V AC


System Benefits

  • Low shear-forces
  • Reduced risk of contamination due to the self-contained design with magnetic bearings
  • No particle generation
  • No narrow gaps between the impeller and pump casing where bacteria could be entrapped
  • Pumphead multiple times steam sterilizable (multi-use)
  • Biocompatibility of wet materials:
    FDA, USP-VI, BSE/TSE free and Animal free
  • Easy disassembling of pump casing for cleaning
  • Aseptic pump casing design with Triclamp fittings and sealing technology
  • Small size
  • Dry running capability
  • Proven technology in the medical (disposable blood pumps) and semiconductor (high-purity pumps) industries
  • High flow capability with compact design
  • Pulsation free
Levitronix PuraLev 4000MU
No Seals, No Bearings, No Contamination!