Revolutionary Magnetically Levitated Centrifugal Pump

Levitronix offers mixers for various industries based on our bearingless motor technology. The rotors within our mixers are driven without the use of a shaft by generating magnetic fields through the walls of the mixing tank. Unlike other magnetic stirrers, Levitronix' mixers rotate the magnet without contact with the mixing chamber by employing magnetic levitation. Thus the mixers are free of mechanical wear and create virtually no particles. Electronic control allows the creation of custom speed patterns including reversing of the speed, which helps to decrease the mixing time. Precise electronic measurement of the rotor torque allows monitoring of fluid properties including viscosity and density.

Levitronix' mixers are gentle on CMP slurries and other sensitive fluids due to our low-shear design. For the same reason, Levitronix' mixers also generate fewer bubbles and foam compared to conventional designs. The small size allows simple integration into blending systems. Low noise and vibration also prevent interference with weight sensors and other equipment.

Levitronix' mixers are based on the same bearingless motor and controller units as the Levitronix pump systems. The mixers also incorporate the same interfacing and control features. Impellers and flanges are produced to customer specifications.

Levitronix Pump Tank Mixer PTM
Pump Tank Mixer PTM
PTM Scheme
PTM Scheme