Highest Cell Viability In Perfusion

Don't let a pump destroy your cells

Perfusion establishes the benchmark for high product yield in downstream processing. High cell viability and density should therefore be the major objective. Peristaltic pump systems cause cell damage due to mechanical stress of tube compression. Furthermore, these systems bear the risk of a catastrophic tube rupture due to a possible pressure build-up or tube wear.

Levitronix® pump systems are designed for demanding perfusion applications where ultra low shear and safe processing ensure the highest yield.

Levitronix pump system ensure highest celly viability in Perfusion applications such as with CHO cells


Lowest Shear - Highest Cell Viability

The magnetic levitation technology guarantees that no pump components come in contact with one another enabling a continuous and smooth flow. Additionally, the pump design ensures that no cells are trapped or damaged by tube compression, eliminating virtually all shear.

Intrinsically Safe - No more Build up Pressure or Tube Ruptures

Levitronix® pump systems deliver a pulsation free flow, independent of actual flow or pressure. With optional pressure or flow sensors, the Levitronix® control unit will keep the pressure / TMP or flux constant, independent of fluid or filter properties.

Extremely Long Life Time - Ideal for Continuous Processing

Due to the constant gap between the impeller and the pump housing, no friction or wear occurs, resulting in a virtually unlimited lifetime.

Automated Process Control with the Levitronix Console

The Levitronix® console offers the option of easy and accurate control of filtrate, and permeate flow, pressure and even TMP. Connect multiple flow sensors and pressure sensors to the console and let the system run at the desired process values, all with a single intuitive control unit.


Third Party Studies - Levitronix vs Peristaltic Pumps

Learn how the cell viability with Levitronix was constantly at +95% compared to a final 28% with a peristaltic pump.


Learn how Boehringer Ingelheim has achieved a major process improvement in Perfusion by replacing the peristaltic pump system with Levitronix.

Application Brochure - Highest Cell Viability in Perfusion