Market Segment Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology today is understood in many different ways. The various Nanotech fields of activity range from basic research all the way to completely industrialized products. To modify liquids and add functional elements to the core product is the domain of Nanofluids which is widely applied in different industries.

In particular Nanofluids are used more and more in high volume manufacturing. Companies are facing the challenge of handling very small constituent parts which are significantly more difficult to process than previous consumables or materials of construction used.

Beside agglomeration problems companies have challenges with Nanofluid blending, dilution and dosing as well as filtration difficulties. Also particle contamination is influencing Nanofluid production yields significantly. The choice of the right pump systems becomes a success factor and is one of the most crucial design elements.


Peristaltic Pump Design

Peristaltic Pump Design
Peristaltic Pump Design
  • 250% LPC Increase per 45 Turnovers
  • 6% LPC Increase per Turnover
  • Sign Of Particle Agglomeration
PSD Summary for Rotary Peristaltic Pump
Source: PALL

LEVITRONIX MagLev Pump Design

MagLev Pump Design
  • Virtually No LPC Change
  • No Particle Agglomeration
PSD Summary for Levitronix BPS-1
Source: PALL

Nanotech Applications suited for LEVITRONIX Pumps

  • Dispersing of Nanoparticles and Nanowires into liquids
  • Filtration of Nanoparticles
  • Deagglomeration of Nanoparticle Suspensions
  • Pumping of Nanowire Suspensions without agglomeration
  • Pumping of E-Inks
  • Recirculation of Nanofluids
  • Blending and Dilution of Nanocoatings
  • Ultra-Precise Spraycoating
  • Dosing of Liquid Precursors