Levitronix Console LCO-600

Turnkey Solution with Easy-to-use Interface

The PuraLev® Console integrates Levitronix® MagLev pumps with LEVIFLOW® ultrasonic flow sensors and adds a sophisticated user interface with enhanced connectivity features.

The system allows various operating modes including stand-alone pumping with flow monitoring or flow control, pressure monitoring with up to two pressure sensors and temperature monitoring.

Easy-to-use Interface

The brain of the PuraLev® Console is an embedded PC with a 7” multi-touch screen and it comes with software for flow control, configuration and monitoring of various sensors.

The console can operate a PuraLev® 200 or PuraLev® 600 integrated pump driver. Various integrated sensor signal converter circuits allow connection of LEVIFLOW® single-use and clamp-on flow sensors, and single-use pressure and temperature sensors from suppliers such as PendoTECH.

The console can be placed horizontally on a table or mounted vertically on a wall. The display is rotatable by software.

System Benefits

  • Precise flow monitoring or control
  • Integrated signal converters for pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Precise pressure limitation to avoid potential tube ruptures
  • Intuitive user interface with 7" color multi-touch display
  • Data collection capabilities
  • Plug-and-Play stand-alone functionality
  • IP66 rated housing with wash down capability
  • Easy configuration and customizable by software


  • Fluid transfer and recirculation in upstream and downstream bioprocessing.
  • Single-use and multi-use components available.
  • Ideal for RG2+ agents and toxic products due to inherent maximum pressure limitation.
  • Depth filtration, ultrafiltration, diafiltration, sterile filtration.
  • Mixing, blending, dilution and filling.
Levitronix Console LCO-600 and its Components
Levitronix Console LCO-600