Levitronix Bioprocessing Conference

Access Leading Bioprocessing

June 18, 2020 // Hotel Royal Sonesta Boston // Cambridge, MA, USA

Rapid progress in biotechnology and the ever-increasing complexity of medicines presents bioprocessing with significant challenges. Novel technologies such as single-use and continuous manufacturing are revolutionizing industry processes.

We at Levitronix believe that impactful bioprocessing can only be achieved if end-users, system-, and components suppliers work together. The Levitronix Bioprocessing Conference brings industry professionals together to make a change.


  • Markus Brakel, Boehringer Ingelheim, Senior Scientist Upstream Process Developement
    "Optimization of Buffer Exchange in N-1 Perfusion"
  • Cédric Schirmer, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Research Associate
    "Protein Shear Stress Investigation of Different Pump Systems"
  • Maria Weinberger, Technical University of Munich, Research Associate
    "The Effect of Pressure Pulsations on Filter Fouling in TFF"
  • Tero Jansen, Biovian, Process Engineer
    "Levitronix Single-Use Pump Systems in Pilot Scale TFF Applications"
  • Filipa Almeida, Psioxus, Process Development Scientist
    "Advantages to Adenovirus Productivity Using a Low Shear Stress Centrifugal Pump during Biorector Perfusion"
  • Samantha Cramer, Oakwood Labs LLC, Product Development Engineer II
    "Using Levitronix Pumps in Various Unit Operations of the Microsphere Manufacturing Process"
  • Jean-Francois Hamel, MIT, Prof. Emeritus
    Topic coming soon
  • Mark McElligot, BioX LLC., Owner/Principal Process Engineer
    Topic coming soon
  • Charles L. Cooney, MIT, Prof. Emeritus
    Topic coming soon


Hotel Royal Sonesta Boston
40 Edwin Land Boulevard
Cambridge, MA, USA 02142

Existing Room Block

Cambridge is the spirited side of Boston, located just a bridge away on the “left bank” of the Charles River. The charm of the Charles River is contagious, and along this picturesque riverfront you’ll have a fabulous view of the Boston skyline.

Home to Harvard and MIT, Cambridge is a heady mix of students, scholars, and visitors from around the world. It’s a cosmopolitan college town with an eclectic array of bookstores, coffee houses, blues clubs, street musicians, repertory theaters, and mouthwatering ethnic restaurants.


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Conference Chair

Prof. Charles L. Cooney
Prof. Charles L. Cooney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Charles Cooney is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He serves as a consultant to a number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies, is on several editorial boards of professional journals, sits on the Boards of Directors of Genzyme, BioProcessors and Biocon, Ltd (India), and was a member of the BP Technical Advisory Council from 2001-2007.

He chaired the FDA Advisory Committee for Pharmaceutical Science from 2004-2006. Dr. Cooney's research interests span a range of topics in biochemical engineering and manufacturing strategy in the pharmaceutical, biotech and biofuels industries, as well as bioprocess design, operation and control.


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