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Bioprocess Sales Specialist

Levitronix is the world-wide leader in magnetically levitated bearingless motor technology and is committed to bring innovative products to the Biotech and Semiconductor market. Levitronix offers mixers, single and multi-use pumps with a low shear design for sensitive fluids like cells, mRNA/DNA, LNPs and proteins for the Life Science Market. Levitronix also provides non-invasive Ultrasonic Flow Sensors, perfectly suited for single use disposable applications as well as control systems/modules for convenient operation of its product lines in TFF, transfer, blending and a variety of other bioprocessing applications.

Levitronix is convinced that the success of its innovative products lines in the Life Science and Semiconductor Industry greatly depends upon the quality of customer service which the company can offer to its customers. We are looking therefore for a motivated, technically educated and self driven employee who is able to work with worldwide leading customers in the Biotech Industry for the use of sophisticated Levitronix products in state of the art equipment and applications in the Life Science Market.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • To grow the business of Levitronix at existing customers and with new customers.
  • To assess and fully understand the customer’s needs and applications.
  • To develop solutions including Levitronix products. This includes the hydraulic, electrical and electronic interfacing, sensor interfacing and the implementation of control systems with Levitronix products and presenting these solutions to the customer (technically and commercially).
  • To help the customer with the integration of Levitronix products and provide on-site technical support.
  • To provide Technical Training of customers personnel.
  • To perform full Account Management covering the technical and commercial aspect.
  • To Support the Levitronix Sales as a Biotech Applications Specialist.

The focus region of the employee will be in the eastern part of the United States (East of Mississippi) but will include responsibilities in the full United Stated.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

It is essential that the individual is able to work independently and enjoys the interaction and communication with other team members and customers. The frequent interactions with customers require strong communication and interpersonal skills. The employee will need a profound technical knowledge in the areas of electrical and electronics interfacing, controls, computer skills and preferred (but not mandatory) hydraulics.

An engineering degree (EE, ME, Bioprocessing etc.) is required.

Experience and Knowledge in Upstream and Downstream bioprocessing and an existing network at Biotech companies (End-Users, OEMs...) is a requirement.

The willingness to learn and to work in a fast moving, innovative environment with a demanding customer base is a must.

The home base will be in the US Headquarter of Levitronix in Framingham/MA. The employee’s function will involve frequent professional travel, primarily to customers in the US (and there primarily on the Eastern part of the United States), but from time to time also to countries overseas.


If you have interest in this exciting opportunity and work with an innovative and dynamic team at Levitronix, please contact Dr. Juergen Hahn for further information.


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