Further High Purity Markets

Beside the market segments specifically mentioned there are many other demanding Industrial processes within

  • Ink and Paint Industry
  • Optical Industry and Lens Production
  • Industrial Polishing
  • Medical Devices

What one can find within these various industries is often a high demand in terms of cleanliness, low particle numbers, continuous flow requirements or the need for gentle conveyance of the corresponding media. The revolutionary centrifugal pump of LEVITRONIX combines all these properties and offers the customers a highly reliable and low cost of ownership solution.

Your benefits with LEVITRONIX Fluid Handling Solutions at a glance

  • Extremely low particle generation due to the absence of mechanically contacting parts. Reduces particle contamination issues in wet processes by generating 10 to 50 times fewer particles compared to other pumps
  • Increases equipment uptime
  • Lower maintenance costs by eliminating valves, bearings, rotating seals and costly rebuilds
  • Reduced risk of contamination due to the self-contained design with magnetic bearings
  • Very gentle to sensitive fluids due to low-shear design
  • No narrow gaps and fissures where particles or micro-organisms could be entrapped
  • Smooth, continuous flow without pressure pulsation
  • Electronic speed control
  • Compact design compared to pneumatic and magdrive pumps. Saves valuable space in process tools by having a smaller footprint.
  • Proven technology in medical and semiconductor industry (MTBF > 30 years).
High Purity Markets
High Purity Markets