The Fastest and Safest Depth Filtration

Depth Filtration requires a pump system that can handle liquid at the highest speed.

Conventional pump systems such as peristaltic generate a pulsating flow leading to a slow and periodic discharge of liquid. Additionally, these systems bear the risk of a catastrophic tube rupture due to a possible pressure build up.

Levitronix® pump systems are designed for depth filtration applications where a high flow ensures the fastest and safest possible process.

Highest flow at smallest footprint in depth filtration with Levitronix pump systems


Completely Pulsation Free - Fastest Filtration

Levitronix® pump systems are the only pumps in biopharma that deliver a pulsation free flow, independent of actual flow or pressure. A continuous discharge of liquid allows to filter liquid at maximum possible speed.

Intrinsically Safe - Keep Your Product and Staff Safe - No More Pressure Build-Up or Tube Ruptures

Set and limit the maximum pressure according to your tubing specifications and you will be assured that your media is safe no matter what occurs in your hydraulic flow path.

Smallest Footprint - Save Valuable Space

All Levitronix® pump systems have a far smaller footprint than competitive pumps of comparable hydraulic performance. Even at extremely high flows, Levitronix pump systems always have a small footprint which allows for installations in confined areas. The constant flow of these systems also eliminates any noise generation or vibration that could affect your process.

Ideal For Continous Processing - No Wear Out of Moving Parts – Virtually no Limitation in Lifetime

There are no tubes, diaphragms or valves to wear out leading to virtually no limitation in life time or drift in pump performance.

Highest Turn Down Ratio - One Pump Size for Various Filtration Applications

Levitronix® pumps have the highest turn down ratio by being able to control the flow from a few ml/min up to the maximum flow rate.