Market Segment Chemical Process Industry

Safe, reliable and efficient conveyance of corrosive media is a challenging task for the Chemical Industry. Pumps in particular are exposed to corrosion attack from hazardous liquids and are often the weakest link in the distribution or process system.

Not only the media but also the harsh environment within chemical plants place high demands on the pump systems in terms of safety, economic factors and subsequent maintenance.

Corrosion, durability and cost of ownership are no longer a problem when choosing the appropriate LEVITRONIX pump system. With the innovative bearingless and seal-free design as well as extremely corrosion resistant materials of construction for the wetted areas combined with long lasting coating for outer surfaces set new standards for Chemical Process pump systems.

Chemical Process Industry
Chemical Process Industry

Durable Design and Highly Resistant Materials of Construction

Levitronix® has developed a revolutionary centrifugal pump that has no bearings or seals susceptible to wear or failure. Based on the principles of magnetic levitation, the pump’s impeller is fully suspended inside a sealed casing and is driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The impeller and casing are both fabricated from chemical-resistant, fluorocarbon resins or polypropylene. The impeller with the embedded magnet resides within the outer casing to form the pump head.

To learn more about this revolutionary design and the advantages this offers for your chemical application please visit our product demonstration.

Construction Elements LEVITRONIX Pump
LEVITRONIX Pump Construction

Your benefits with LEVITRONIX at a glance

  • Increased equipment uptime and low maintenance costs by eliminating bearings and rotating seals
  • No clogging or freeze-up of bearings in gold, nickel and other plating applications
  • Improves and simplifies process control by accurately controlling both flow rate and rotor speed
  • Low shear pump design
  • Dry running capability
  • Proven technology in medical and semiconductor industry (MTBF > 30 years)