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The BPS-4000 pump system is a revolutionary centrifugal pump that has no bearings to wear out or seals to break down and fail. Based on the principles of magnetic levitation, the pump’s impeller is suspended, contact-free, inside a sealed casing and is driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The impeller and casing are both fabricated from chemical-resistant high purity fluorocarbon resins. Fluid flow rate and pressure are precisely controlled by electronically regulating the impeller speed.

Two basic system configurations are available. The stand-alone configuration consists of a controller with an integrated user panel to set the speed manually. The extended version consists of a controller with integrated PLC interface. This allows setting the speed by an external signal and enables precise flow or pressure control in connection with either a flow or a pressure sensor.

Flow/Pressure Curves BPS-4000

Pressure/flow curves for aqueous solutions
Pressure/flow curves for aqueous solutions
Pressure/flow curves for high density/viscosity liquids (for example sulfuric acid)
Pressure/flow curves for high density/viscosity liquids (for example sulfuric acid)

BPS-4000 Facts

Max. Differential Pressure: 6.3 bar 91 psi
Max. Flow: 280 liters/min 74 gallons/min
Max. Liquid Temperature: 90 °C 194 °F
Wet Materials: ECTFE / PTFE / Perfluorelastomer
Supply Voltage: 4 kW / 1 or 3 x 200-240V AC

System Benefits

  • Extremely low particle generation due to the absence of mechanically contacting parts. Reduced particle contamination issues in wet processes by generating 10 to 50 times fewer particles compared to other pumps.
  • Increased equipment uptime
  • Lower maintenance costs by eliminating valves, bearings, rotating seals and costly rebuilds
  • Reduced risk of contamination due to the self-contained design with magnetic bearings
  • Very gentle to sensitive fluids due to low-shear design
  • No narrow gaps and fissures where particles or microorganisms could be become entrapped
  • Smooth, continuous flow without pressure pulsation
  • Electronic speed control
  • Compact design compared to pneumatic and mag-drive pumps
  • Proven technology in medical and semiconductor industry (MTBF > 30 years)
Levitronix BPS-4000
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