Biotechnological Processing

Biotechnology is becoming increasingly important for future pharmaceutical products. Tomorrow's blockbusters will be mainly based on biotechnological production where animal or plant cells are cultivated and processed.

These cells and their resulting proteins can be very sensitive to external mechanical forces such as shear stress.

LEVITRONIX as the world-wide leader in magnetically levitated bearingless motor technology offers a wide range of fluid handling solutions focusing on low-shear pump systems, mixers and ultrasonic flowmeters scoping with the industry demands from today and tomorrow.

Your benefits with LEVITRONIX low shear force pumps

  • No risk to sensitive media: Very gentle conveyance due to low-shear design
  • No risk of particle generation: by design due to the absence of mechanically contacting parts
  • No risk of contamination: True hygienic design - no narrow gaps and fissures where particles or micro-organisms could be entrapped
  • Easy to control: Smooth, continuous flow without pressure pulsation by electronic speed control 
  • Easy to implement: integrated pump control via PLC
  • Saves cleanroom space: compact design with very small footprint compared to pneumatic and magdrive pumps
  • Easy to scale: wide flow range per pump, flow rates up to 16m3/h
Low shear force design - High cell viability
Impeller Fully Suspended in Liquid: Low Shear Force Design - High Cell Viability